Rayplex Flat Roof  System

"Summer is here... 

Turn that  old flat roof  into usable living space.

If you have a flat deck, balcony, space  above a porch or garage chance are you can turn that space into usable living space.
Yes even add a Deck Garden -- So Go green today!"

 Add Railings

Increase your usuable living space with no additional cost

Add a Wood Deck on top of the fiberglass linning

 Can be carpeted

Add Deck Landscaping


 Add A Skylight


Exterior color available in over Hundreds of colors.
Click on the chart for an expanded selection of Colors.


Its like building a boat deck on your flate roof at home using marine materials.

Fiberdeck flat Roof System should give you in excess of 30 to 50 years of leak proof service.  Usually every 15 to 20 years just apply a fresh coat  Fiberglass GelCoat to make the finish look like new. 

If you need to repair an area from say a fallen tree branch, the damage is usually locallized to the impact area.  This can be repired in a few hours.

All flashing are made from fiberglass so you are using similar materials that will bond well to each other. Plus we have a wide array of roof fittings to complement and needs you may have.  We can custom make specials, after 50 years nothing is impossible.


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Roof Top Vegtable Garden

Want to build a roof top vegtable garden.  Fibreglass the area and build roof top dirt field.  One university project recently grew 8000 lbs of produce in its first year.


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