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Fallowing these easy steps.

What is the size of your Deck area being covered.

What type of use will it recieve?

Just waterproffed

Living Area  used daliy

If your new to fibreglass laminating may we suugest your first take a look at the Rayplex Learning the Basics of Fiberglass Video.

We discovered some great videos from a wonderful and very knowledgeable fiberglass roof expert in Europe on How To DIY fiberglass roofing in a 5 part series. We wish to thank Kel at  for his wonderful technical expertise and permission.

Part #1   Preparing your deck 

Part #2  Trim and Flashing Installation 

Par #3 Fibreglass Roof Bandages - Laminate Trims & Joins 

Part #4 Fibreglass Roof Laminate - Laying a GRP roof

Part #5 Fibreglass RoofingTopcoat - GRP Flat roof colour

Take a look at a roofing Guide from across the pond from

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