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Premium Grade FRP Tanks

Shapes & Configurations
Tank Sizing Chart
24" Diameter 
30"  Diameter 
36" Diameter 
42"  Diameter 
48" Diameter 
54" Diameter 
60" Diameter 
72" Diameter 
96" Diameter 
108" Diameter 
120" Diameter 
144" Diameter
Benefits of the FIBREGLASS Tank
Noise Level  
Fiberglass tanks absorb sound. When filling or mixing the process is very quiet. Any sounds tend to be soft and muffled not hard or ringing. The lower decibel levels in mixing room are easier on employees hearing. This reduces the risk of future workman's compensation claims for hearing loss. Plant noise is reduced which is less offensive to local neighbors. 

Fiberglass tanks are non-conductive of electrical or magnetic forces. 

Inexpensive proximity switches are used for sensing liquid levels in a tank. Mounted on the tanks exterior wall, proximity switches sense the liquid level through the tank wall either electrically or magnetically. 

This saves on incorporating expensive sensing wells. Lower overall maintenance cost is realized. For corrosive liquids this can amount to large dollar savings. 

Liquid level can be monitored at a glance because fiberglass tanks are translucent, thus creating a natural built in sight gauge. Calibrated marks in gals or liters are available. 

Monitor tank levels at a glance without climbing up to peer inside. Translucent tank walls provide visual condition monitoring of liquid in tank 
See what's happening - 
Avoid chemistry problems. 


Fibreglass tanks weigh between 4 to 8 times less than steel tanks. This can save on shipping costs. A 1500 gal steel tank can weight up to 4500 lbs vs an FRP tank at 500 lbs 

Saving 4000 lbs of freight cost. 
Two men can easily handle a 500 lb tank without special equipment. Steel tank requires lift truck and cranes to move around. Moving an FRP tank doesn't take a small army of guys to muscle into place on the job site. 

Budget hours not days to position FRP tanks in awkward locations. Use a lift truck vs a $300 / hr. crane for moving FRP tanks.

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