Selling to RAYPLEX LTD

 Rayplex wants to market your company's products.

As the top Internet reseller of fibreglass material in North America were looking for new exciting new products.

Our mission statement
To add value to the customers experience using composite material through application knowledge.

Rayplex offers marketing expertise to the composite industry users. Yes there may be existing distributors in place. They really only want to sell to the big end users. Do they offer 10 yards or 10 gals of your company’s products to the end user in Fort McMurray Alberta? Rayplex does that by Private Labelling.

We Call our Marketing "Retail Wholesaling"

Rayplex Markets through the following channels

  1. Catalogue
  2. Web Store (
  3. Shelf space in a retail walk in store.
  4. Trade Shows
  5. Sales force.
  6. Dealers

Selling the Most

We’ve found the following helps to speed up the sales process.

Product Literature

Product training

Ideas the help sell your product

Technical Support

Video or Power Point presentations. (Rayplex has in house media servers)

Please contact us.

Ray Bilsky
Rayplex Ltd.
Ph 905 579 1433
Fx 905 579 1431